Jewellery Guide

General Jewellery Care
Our pieces are the finest in terms of craftsmanship and quality, however all jewellery is delicate and susceptible to damage and scratching, so it is important to look after it in an appropriate way. Like anything else to get the most pleasure and life out of your jewellery treat it with care and respect.

To enable you to have your jewellery for years and years and looking like new we recommend the following; avoid applying any form of constant pressure whilst wearing particularly delicate items, for example avoid wearing during activities that might result in jewellery being caught or pulled suddenly, such as changing your clothes, whilst gardening, vigorous sports or pastimes; ensure jewellery is stored properly when not in use and keep out of long periods of direct sun.

Should tarnishing occur we recommend washing in weak soapy water, then rinsing and drying well, followed by careful polishing with a good jewellery polishing cloth. To minimise the risk of tarnishing, particularly silver, place your jewellery in a dark sealed bag or box when not in use.

We do not recommend jewellery is exposed to chemicals or additives, for example those found in swimming baths, or sea water. Perfume, body creams and natural perspiration may also tarnish jewellery, particularly silver, as well as affect pearls and stones. We do not normally recommend that products are dipped in a liquid cleaner.

Products that have been rhodium plated should only be washed in weak soapy water and dried.


Look after semi-precious stones carefully by avoiding knocking them together or impacting on silver or gold. Many semi-precious stones are relatively 'soft' so are more susceptible to getting scratched and damage than others.

Because a ring has a stone in it doesn't mean that it is not vulnerable to scratches. Since certain stones and minerals can scratch each other, it's important to be aware of a stone's relative hardness. Some minerals are quite soft, and some will even scratch other minerals

The Pearls we use are normally cultured freshwater. Pearls should never be allowed in direct contact with perfume or chemicals as they will destroy the delicate lustre and nacre. Body creams and perspiration also may affect pearls and stones. We recommend applying make-up and hair spray before putting on pearl jewellery. Store pearls separately from other jewellery in a soft velvet pouch or similar. Ideally pearls should be cleaned professionally, but careful wiping with a soft cloth is often satisfactory.
Silver is a soft metal and is scratched easily, so care should be taken when wearing and storing. Silver can be polished with a soft cloth impregnated with a cleaning agent. For delicate or fine silver work regularly wash in warm soapy water to clean out and oils, creams or natural perspiration, then dry well. Do not dip silver that has been rhodium plated. Silver is easily oxidized so do not allow it to come in contact with chlorine or other chemicals. The same goes for gold, which although harder than silver, can be damaged through exposure to chemicals, including those found in swimming pools and sea water.
As well as gold, we use sterling silver. All silver products are sterling 925 unless stated otherwise. Gold standards are as normally indicated in the product descriptions.
If you are in any doubt about cleaning your jewellery please seek professional advice.